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The 666 Greatest Horror Characters
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The Harbinger 495
The Harbinger
Played by: Tim De Zarn
Film(s): The Cabin In The Woods (2012)

Tim DeZarn (or is it De Zarn?) as a spot-on parody of Crazy Ralph and all those sinister 'You're doomed!' people who show up at the beginning of horror films in order to creep out the heroes (but not enough so that they'll turn around and stop the movie before it's begun). The Harbinger (or Mordecai) is an unsettling religious nut who perennially has a bad feeling about this. He also hates being put on speakerphone. And why not? It's just plain rude.

494 494 Kirsty Cotton
Played by: Ashley Laurence
Film(s): Hellbound: Hellraiser 2 (1988), Hellraiser (1987), Hellraiser: Hellseeker (2002)

Always more than ready to deal with the devil in an attempt to save her own skin, Kirsty is a more complicated heroine than she appears on the surface. The surprisingly okay later sequel Hellseeker reveals the extent of her corruption, and in the recent comics, she even takes over from Pinhead!

493 493 Steve
Played by: Ty Burrell
Film(s): Dawn of the Dead (2004)

Years before he became the bumbling and lovable Phil Dunphy on Modern Family, Ty Burrell was giving it maximum douche as the sarcastic, sneering, self-serving Steve in Zack Snyder's Dawn remake.

492 492 The Wishmaster
Played by: Andrew Divoff
Film(s): Wishmaster (1997), Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies (1999)

Andrew Divoff is a sly, scheming hoot as Wes Craven's evil genie-us, who twists even the most innocuous wish into an inescapable death trap for his ungrateful victims. Divoff left the franchise after the second film, presumably to go into car insurance.

491 491 Trash
Played by: Linnea Quigley
Film(s): The Return Of The Living Dead (1985)

"Trash is taking her clothes off again!" Scream queen Quigley's punkette, Trash, is a morbid creation, getting her rocks off by writhing around naked on gravestones while fantasising about being ripped apart by corpses. Be careful what you wish for.

Played by: Katie Featherston
Film(s): Paranormal Activity (2007), Paranormal Activity 2 (2010), Paranormal Activity 3 (2011), Paranormal Activity 4 (2012), Paranormal Activity 5 (2014)

It's a shame that pretty much all Katie Featherston now gets to do in the Paranormal Activity franchise is look dead-eyed, snarl a bit and throw people around like ragdolls. As a result, her effective performance as a woman teetering on the edge of sanity in the original film is often overlooked.

489 489 Palmer
Played by: David Clennon
Film(s): The Thing (1982)

"You've got to be fucking kidding." David Clennon's stoner mechanic is a winningly laconic presence throughout the madness of Carpenter's goofest. Not only does he have the best line - when Norris' head detaches and turns into a spider - but he has the best reveal, during the blood test scene. As has been pointed out by Kim Newman, Palmer is already a Thing when he expresses surprise at the spider-head. Tricksy.

488 488 Father Brennan
Played by: Patrick Troughton
Film(s): The Omen (1976)

Patrick Troughton only has a few minutes of screentime in The Omen, but his haunted eyes and excellent delivery of the 'His mother was a jackal!' monologue means he endures, long after a sudden thunderstorm and errant lightning rod have turned Doctor Who into Father Aargh.

487 487 Tom
Played by: Lewis Fiander
Film(s): Who Can Kill A Child? (1976)

Narciso Ibanez Serrador's bone-chiller plays like a companion piece to Children Of The Corn (they were conceived around the same time), and Tom, its hero, sticks in the mind even more than the homicidal half-pints who run amok on a sun-soaked Spanish island precisely because he possesses what they lack: humanity. Fiander, an Australian-born actor playing a Brit (but dubbed in Spanish), convincingly conveys utter desolation as Tom, who is driven to despair as he loses everything and finally answers the titular question.

Played by: Jodelle Ferland
Film(s): Silent Hill (2006)

Jodelle Ferland is creepy enough as a little girl, but she's mind-boggling as a transmogrified wraith rising out of hell on a hospital bed.

485 485 Joseph (and wife)
Played by: Vincent Cassel
Film(s): Sheitan (2006) (2006)

Dark laughs as Vincent Cassel throws himself into a comically-dentured, grotesquely twisted dual role as his own twin sister who's also his wife. He's fond of a swim in the local hot spring, but trust us, it's probably best not to join him.

John Milton 484
John Milton
Played by: Al Pacino
Film(s): The Devil's Advocate (1997)

For most of Taylor Hackford's film, in which Keanu Reeves' young attorney is seduced by his new boss WHO IS OBVIOUSLY THE DEVIL, Al Pacino is reserved, subdued, almost human - disappointingly so for anybody who had wild high hopes that Pacino playing Satan would lead to some perfect storm of wild, shouty overacting. But then, as Keanu confronts Milton (yes, this Satan is named after the guy who wrote Paradise Lost; it's more subtle than Louis Cyphre), Al cranks up his Hoo-Hah-o-meter all the way to 666, and shout-screams his way through a monologue ("HE'S AN ABSENTEE LANDLORD!" he bellows of God) in a most appealing and Pacino-esque manner.

Baron Meinster
Played by: David Peel
Film(s): The Brides of Dracula (1960)

Hammer's first attempt at a Dracula sequel had a slight problem in that it didn't have a Dracula. David Peel's Meinster is memorable, but all things considered, you can't quite imagine Dracula allowing himself to get chained up by his mum.

482 482 Elizabeth Bathory
Played by: Ingrid Pitt
Film(s): Countess Dracula (1971)

Ingrid Pitt has her finest hour as the 'blood countess' Elizabeth Bathory, murdering girls and bathing in their blood to keep herself young. Pitt played the role again 25 years later on a Cradle of Filth album.

481 481 Leon Corledo
Played by: Oliver Reed
Film(s): Curse of the Werewolf (1961)

A powerhouse performance from a very young Oliver Reed, both in the fur and out of it, in this often overlooked Hammer flick. After all, who better to raise hell than Ollie Reed?

Played by: John Franklin
Film(s): Children of the Corn (1984)

A small adult man plays an evil child, bringing an extra shiver of weirdness to this infamous Stephen King adaptation. He came back, 25 years older, for Children of the Corn 666: Isaac's Return.

479 479 Sister Jeanne
Played by: Vanessa Redgrave
Film(s): The Devils (1971)

Ken Russell gleefully took British acting royalty and turned her into a hunchbacked, masturbating grotesque. Vanessa Redgrave rarely, if ever, speaks of it.

478 478 Mary Woodhouse
Played by: Catriona McCall
Film(s): City of the Living Dead (1980)

It would be wrong to write about Fulci films without giving due props to Catriona McCall, who gamely suffered through three of them. Here she seems to die of fright during a séance, but is later revealed to have been buried alive (or possibly magically revived in her coffin). She then heads to Dunwich to try and save the universe. If she'd read Lovecraft she'd have known that you NEVER HEAD TO DUNWICH.

Nanny 477
Played by: Bette Davis
Film(s): The Nanny (1965)

Made during the Grand Guignol run that followed What Ever Happened To Baby Jane, Bette Davis' austere matron is no Mary Poppins. We've checked her CV and believe us, her spoonful of sugar isn't sugar.

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