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Taxi Driver (1976)
Director: Martin Scorsese
Played — no, lived — by De Niro, Travis Bickle remains a frighteningly identifiable outsider icon stalking Scorsese’s slick, sick NYC. Read Review
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2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)
Director: Stanley Kubrick
Brilliant, befuddling: a sci-why movie as intelligent as it is pristine. Arthur C. Clarke and Stanley Kubrick conjure an endlessly debatable epic. An effects landmark, too: no HAL, no Star Wars. Read Review
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The Dark Knight (2007)
Director: Christopher Nolan
Ledger’s performance is monumental. Best comic-book movie ever? Certainly the most talked-about... Read Review
Once Upon A Time In The West (1968)
Director: Sergio Leone
The greatest Western of them all, according to this poll. And a worthy victor it is too, relocating Leone’s counter-cultural Spaghetti vision to the old-school grandeur of the West. Read Review
Chinatown (1974)
Director: Roman Polanski
Fiendish, perplexing noir with a killer, bitter twist. Somehow both a product of the Movie Brat ’70s and also strangely timeless, feeling like it belongs in the genre’s heyday. Read Review

The Apartment (1960)
Director: Billy Wilder
One of the fascinating quirks of the list is the higher placing for this darker-veined comedy than the bewigged flamboyance of so-called ‘funniest film of all time’ Some Like It Hot. To argue between them rather misses the point (both are excellent and must be seen) — what stands out is how The Apartment has grown in stature as one of the diminutive Hungarian émigré’s finest films. On the surface, it’s the straight downtrodden-boy-meets-indifferent-girl formula, but Wilder, who skipped Berlin as the Nazis took power, came possessed of a more savage view of the world’s workings. Jack Lemmon’s hypochondriac Baxter is a friendless corporate climber; the object of his affection, Shirley MacLaine, an unstable lift girl having an affair with the CEO. Their meandering path to romance twists between notions of prostitution (corporate and real) and even suicide. Meet-cute it is not. Yet, somehow, the film remains optimistic about their chances. Read Review

About The Poll
This poll was conducted in November 2008. The list was compiled using votes from Empire readers, Hollywood actors, actress and key film critics.

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