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The Last Of The Mohicans (1992)
Director: Michael Mann
Lush historical adventure with Daniel Day-Lewis something between noble savage and a 17th century Rambo as trapper hero Hawkeye. Mann gets an authentic feel and real excitement out of canoe chases, woodland dashes, swooning romance, tomahawks, bloody scalping, and firework-display battles. Read Review
The Man Who Would Be King (1975)
Director: John Huston
In Huston's steady, calloused hands, this Rudyard Kipling yarn becomes a rip-roaring adventure, its central buddy-buddy dynamic as entertaining as you could expect from the pairing of Brit stalwarts Connery and Caine. Read Review
Harvey (1950)
Director: Henry Koster
James Stewart's genial alcoholic talks to an invisible six-foot rabbit, but seems the only sane person in the film. Harvey the rabbit entered pop culture, and Stewart rated this his best role - if not best film. Read Review
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Lost In Translation (2003)
Director: Sofia Coppola
Coppola, Murray and Johansson gain enough goodwill to sustain their careers through rocky decisions in this perfect almost-romance about a fading star and a neglected wife bonding in a Japanese hotel. Read Review
The Sting (1973)
Director: George Roy Hill
A wholly delightful romp, with crisp '30s fashions and Scott Joplin's ragtime music setting off the '70s glamour of Redford and Newman as two arch-grifters pulling an elaborate con to get revenge on scowling Robert Shaw. Read Review
Pat Garrett And Billy The Kid (1973)
Director: Sam Peckinpah
Arguably Peckinpah's masterpiece. Sequences of violence are interspersed with tenderly beautiful, melancholy moments, scored by Bob Dylan songs.

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