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Bicycle Thieves (1948)
Director: Vittorio De Sica
An impoverished father’s job depends on his bicycle, which some street-bastard steals. On an increasingly desperate Sunday, trailed by his young son, he tries to get the bike back. De Sica’s neo-realist breakthrough is as much weepie as social drama. The climax still makes strong men cry buckets...Read Review

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Eraserhead (1977)
Director: David Lynch
A rare ’70s film completely divorced from its times — the solemnly lost Henry (Jack Nance) would be as out of place anywhere as he is in the industrial pocket-universe of the film. Read Review

Ed Wood (1994)
Director: Tim Burton
Burton and Johnny Depp collaborate to tell the story of the world’s worst filmmaker, but elevate him to heroic status by exploring his world of misfits and cut-price magic. Read Review

Brokeback Mountain (2005)
Director: Ang Lee
Gay love story, end-of-the-trail Western, auteur work from Lee, faithful literary adaptation and showcase for two hot male stars of 2005. Not bad. Read Review

Big (1988)
Director: Penny Marshall
These days, when a Tom Hanks film comes with a) an Academy Award win, b) a ‘Directed By Steven Spielberg’ credit, and c) Meg Ryan, it’s easy to forget what a great comedic actor the man is. And perhaps the standout of his comedy canon is Big, the best ’80s body-swap movie, directed by Marshall and written by another Spielberg (sister Anne). Hanks beautifully plays Josh as a kid playing an adult, never losing sight of the childish delights and insecurities of being young. These days, he may specialise in everymen under enormous duress (Cast Away, The Terminal) but here he is deft, light-fingered and ultimately extraordinarily moving. Read Review

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