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Transformers (2007)
Director: Michael Bay
This first live-action outing for the complicated Japanese toy line comes undercooked in the plot department, but ILM's quick-changing robots are unbeatable. Is it really a comedy? Read Review

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The Terminator (1984)
Director: James Cameron
Only John Connor can overcome the monster machines who have nearly exterminated humanity in the future, so the cybernetic baddies send an unstoppable robot back in time to kill his mother before he is born. The Terminator is the great sci-fi-horror-action film, wedding ideas from old Outer Limits episodes and Philip K. Dick stories to the relentless, rollercoaster pacing of Halloween. Arnold Schwarzenegger became a screen icon in this version of his classic role (he is much better as an evil terminator), wiping out discos full of dancers or police stations full of cops in a single-minded search for Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton, with an alarming perm) and gradually losing human shape to appear as a Stan Winston robo-skeleton. Writer-director James Cameron, redeeming himself after Piranha II, launched his career - arguably, the constraints suited him better than the unlimited funds he's had on subsequent movies. Read Review
Midnight Cowboy (1969)
Director: John Schlesinger
Bittersweet, Oscar-winning drama with Jon Voight's cowboy hustler struggling to make it in the Big Apple, only to find a weird kind of solace in the company of showstealing Dustin Hoffman as shrewish bum Ratso Rizzo. John Barry's music injects memorable pathos. Read Review

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