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Speed (1994)
Director: Jan De Bont
"There's a bomb on the bus!" The acme of high concept and the best-ever red-wire-no-the-blue-wire film, irresistibly combining action with suspense. Read Review

Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace (1999)
Director: George Lucas
Despite a plot about trade embargoes and tax incentives, guff about midi-chlorians and Binks, greatness is so ingrained in the DNA of Star Wars, we're surprised The Ewok Adventure didn't get on this list. Read Review

King Kong (2005)
Director: Peter Jackson
Most remakes are exercises in money-grubbing cynicism, but Peter Jackson's King Kong is all about love - for a film, a monster, a style of cinema and a child's instant bonding with a screen icon. Read Review

A History Of Violence (2005)
Director: David Cronenberg
Family man Viggo Mortensen reveals his inner psychopath, and creepily his wife and children like him even more. David Cronenberg twists minds rather than flesh in this spare, classic modern Western. Read Review

Ten (2002)
Director: Abbas Kiarostami
A kind of Iranian Marion And Geoff, Abbas Kiarostami's Ten is as minimalist as it is thrilling. The conceit is simple: ten conversations between Mania Akbari, a twice-married Iranian woman taxi driver, and her passengers over 48 hours, captured in long static shots from a digital camera secured to the dashboard. As Akbari traverses the city streets, she converses with, among others, her wilful son, a jilted bride, a local prostitute and a woman travelling to prayer. What emerges is a fascinating mosaic of the role of women within a repressive regime. Yet, through the accumulation of telling details, a rounded backstory for Akbari slowly starts to coalesce. Brilliantly performed, the effect is as direct and intimate as a confession, a halfway house between fiction and documentary. However you label it, it remains leagues ahead of Dudley Moore perving over Bo Derek. Read Review

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