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Empire's 20th Anniversary Edition | Guest-Edited By Steven Spielberg
Extended Coverage Of Empire's 20th Anniversary Edition
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The Guest Editor-In-Chief's Letter
Elsewhere, Jack Nicholson looks back at working with Stanley Kubrick on The Shining, Tom Hanks recalls 20 years of combining movie stardom with deft character acting, Clint Eastwood tells us about the influence on his life of two great directors, and a host of famous names fondly remember my favorite movie magazine of my youth, Famous Monsters Of Filmland. I have also picked this months Classic Scene. Choosing just one scene from the length and breadth of movie history is nearly impossible, so turn to the back page to see the movie that won out.

There are many more great things in the issue but I will let you discover them for yourself. Finally, I would like to thank all the friends and colleagues who have taken time out of their crowded schedules to make special contributions to this issue. I would also like to thank you, the Empire reader, for sharing my adventures over the past 20 years. Your support, enthusiasm and encouragement toward my work will continue to be a driving force of inspiration for me over the next 20 years and beyond.

I hope you enjoy the issue.

Steven Spielberg's Signature

Steven Spielberg,
Guest Editor-In-Chief, April 2009

Daniel Radcliffe and David Haymen
Tom Hanks' Big Interview JJ Abrams Answers The Director's Questions
The Goonies Reunited

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